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Itami Onigoroshi - Junmai Sake <span>(300ml)</span>
300ml SKU00312
Otokoyama - Sesshu Sake <span>(300ml)</span>
Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island,has ideal climate and water conditions needed to make superior sake. Otokoyama brews high quality sake on the island.
300ml SKU06459
Shirakawago - Sasanigori <span>(300ml)</span>
Using Hida Homare Rice, blended with "Moromi" (sake-mash) this unfiltered sake succeeds in bringing out the full flavor of the rice. The cloudy-white sake produces a unique sensation when it passes over the palate. It is best... Read More
300ml SKU06427
Shirayuki - Junmai Ginjyo Sake <span>(300ml)</span>
300ml SKU00168
Shirayuki - Nama Fresh Sake <span>(300ml)</span>
300ml SKU03305
Shirayuki - Sake Reishu <span>(300ml)</span>
300ml SKU10032
Sho Chiku Bai - Organaic Nama Sake <span>(300ml)</span>
It's totally natural, using OCIA certified rice harvested from the Sacramento Valley with absolutely no preservatives, no brewers alcohol added, no sulfites. It is brewed under the direction of Takara's master brewer combining... Read More
300ml SKU04800